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Final Fantasy IV -Postlude-
« on: August 16, 2017, 10:12:48 pm »
Final Fantasy IV -Postlude-

This project is a continuation of The After Years, the sequel to the original Final Fantasy IV. It is a mostly story driven hack that explores the lives of the characters as depicted during the ending of TAY. The game play is very lax as more focus has been directed towards further developing the characters. It is designed to be accessible to all players and thus the difficulty is not exaggerated.

The hack begins immediately where the end credits of The After Years left off. Ceodore, Kain, Cid, and Luca are bound for Damcyan to begin restoring the world following the near apocalypse. The hack follows Ceodore as the main protagonist, however many other characters play their own part in the story such as Ursula becoming more independent in her training and Leonora finally following her dream of becoming a Sage. Emphasis is especially placed upon characters introduced in TAY who have yet to receive the personal development they deserve.

  • 13 playable characters from both Final Fantasy IV and The After Years
  • Updated battle, overworld, and menu character sprites
  • Newly added Weapons, Armor, and Magic introduced in The After Years
  • An enhanced translation that more closely resembles modern day terms
  • Areas restored to reflect their appearance as seen in The After Years
  • A post-game Challenge Dungeon designed for veteran players

-Coming Soon!-
Note: This will be updated periodically as more progress is made so check back frequently for updates :D

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